09/05/2016 -


09/05/2016 -

We had a strong idea of the aesthetic we wanted to achieve . the master bedroom therefore has been deliberately and robustly designed with upgraded amenities and soothing color tone to provide comfort and luxury living.

A helical staircase composed of steel and wood leading to the first and a glass wall that looks as if it merges interior exterior for a person who is climbing the stairs. The master bedroom views the courtyard and personal landscape area on the other side. Stone Pillars which provide privacy to the party area from its surroundings. The glass balustrade facilitates an uninterrupted view of the vastness of the courtyard and the sky
The open courtyard is orated with sandstone cladding and further enhanced with lush plantation and captivating water features.


09/05/2016 - 23 DC TEAM

We’re pleased to announce that our design of Jain Parash jewellery store at
model town, Jalandhar is completed.
our team was able the provide design features that make Retail, and in particular, Jewelry Store unique among other tenant finish types of projects.

Store is divided into three sections on three floors with gold section at ground floor.
diamond section at first floor and exhibition section at second floor.
First and foremost, especially for a jewelry store, the quantity and quality of direct lighting is extremely important in showcasing the products. Everything from color rendition of the lighting, to the use of general and high intensity lighting to create both a comfortable atmosphere within the store, as well as highlighting the product was provided in great detail.
careful selection and placement of furniture, art and other interior treatments also serves to enhance the space. This helps to personalize the space and let the store take on its own culture.
The outcome of the store is a part piece of art, piece of jewllery but ultimately a bespoke piece of work. As each customer is to feel unique we aimed to create an iconic retail store that redefined the new brand identity of Jain Parash Jewellers


09/05/2016 -

Luxury Farmhouse at chhatarpur new delhi for an exclusive development, the design attempts to infuse the solidity of traditional indian elements with the vigour and energy of contemporary living. it is further enriched with the use of beautiful screens and rich materials.

A play of simple cubic volumes with punctured openings framing views of landscape all juxtaposes materials and textures, which combines the raw and tactile with the slick and sophisticated to create a magical experience.
Built around a courtyard the house is designed around family life with spaces that open onto each other.Generous indoor / outdoor living spaces and also have terrace garden attached to the upper levels.


09/05/2016 -

This house in Jalandhar, India is a Contemporary design with elements of Indian Traditional houses.

 It is an outcome of several inputs and iterations from our design team which leads to proper utilization of irregular shape of land and also vision of client love for Indian elements. The entrance to the house is through deep corridor with ornamented stone Columns Elements like open Courtyard ,jharokhas etc are incorporated in contemporary style so that it gives pure traditional Indian home feel. The plan is oriented to gain maximum landscape area. Light is given special consideration by way of location and orientation Connectivity of spaces, an open plan as well as privacy are balanced in the design, which is layered into three levels and connected with external Landscape spaces


09/05/2016 -

Luxury homes tend to have a few defining characteristics, but one of the most important aspects is doubtless an abundance of space. 
Well ! to achieve that in 900 sqft land was bit of the task.

Our client wanted to make his home as contemporary heaven for him and his family. But we were put into a situation where selection of land was left on us. We got two sizes of land one around 3600 sq ft and other 900 sqft. The decision was tough, but our team worked well to finalise the land area of 900 sq ft.
Structure stands out sharply from its surroundings this stunning structure also deforms, wraps and curves to its environment in remarkable ways.
This 2000 sqft home features a formal living , dining , kitchen , powder room , laundry area on ground floor with a single car parking space . Two master bedroom of owner and his kids joined with stunning double heighted family living area. A guest sweet , worship place , huge terrace facing roadside and also store for basic ammenties on second floor.
In a completely white-based space like this one, each metallic accent adds another layer of sophistication. Use of white satvario in whole house adds to elegance of house.
Our special thanks to owner Mr and Mrs Khera who gave us this opportunity to build this special living space for them.
Team 23DC


09/05/2016 -

Located in one of the posh colonies of Jalandhar city , this modern custom home is build on simple lines and minimal architecture.
Our team designed this house in a way that spaces are planned in flowing sequence
The simple clean lines of this minimalist home keep the residents of the house in touch with the outdoors
An eye catchy wall mural in stone along with staircase offers the velvety touch despite of its hardness.
The living and dinning area is linked with a designed courtyard. The white interiors blend the rooms together creating an abstract atmosphere.